Cultural Statistics

Some Australian students visited the Japanese high school where I work, so I made a class activity comparing some national statistics between Japan, Australia and the USA. I would provide a stat for two of the countries and students would guess if the third country was higher, lower or in between and guess a number. Of the 10 categories the interesting reactions were from the homicide and obesity rates. In annual homicides per 100,000 Japan had 0.29 and the US had 4.0 which was higher than the students expected but they laughed with an “oh, of course” reaction. The Japanese obesity rate is 5%, Australia 27% and the US 33%- the students were predicting that America would be about 50% obese; I was surprised that they would have that image, but the stats kind of back them up.


Author: Justin

English teacher, matsuri otaku and kendo 4dan.

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