Ginger flavored Coca-Cola in Japan

Yesterday (Jan. 24, 2017), the new Coca-Cola with ginger flavoring. I was not impressed with the spicy taste. Coca-Cola has released a number of promotional drinks in Japan.

About two years ago the lemon flavor which appeared for a short time. It’s mild, pleasant taste made it the best of the novelty flavors. While the lemon flavor was nice as a temporary addition to the cola line-up it was not really as good as the regular version.
Just after Coca-Cola lemon was presented in Japan there was also a lime version. During the short time that Coca-Cola lemon was available it shared some shelves with lime but lime had a more limited distribution and was available for an even shorter time. The lemon bottle had a similar yellow label, so I expect that some customers will pick up these ginger bottles expecting that lemon has returned (as I did).
Coca-Cola has also sold some novelty bottles in Japan; a few years ago there were the labels which each bore popular Japanese names, so people would look for familiar [given] names and you would often see people with bottles bearing labels that were marked with their own names. The name labels were also a thing in America (obviously they were marketed with names that were common in America, rather than Japanese names).

Starting around November of last year, Coca-Cola was selling bottles with holiday labels that were designed with a pullable band through a dual layer foil label; when the band was pulled the label scrunched up into gift bow.