Dezome-Shiki: New Years Firefighter Show

The Firefighter demonstration in Osaka is held at the beginning of every year. The word “dezome” (出初め) means “first outing” and “shiki” (式) means “ritual.”

At this event, cities present demonstrations of their fire department’s capabilities. This includes dress parades, PR interactions and disaster drills.

Representatives of various firefighting groups in Osaka gathered at ATC (a port area with a shopping mall and government offices) for the 2017 dezome-shiki. They presented drills with firefighters hosing down a mock house fire, performing CPR, loading ambulances and scaling obstacles. They used helicopters to demonstrate rooftop evacuations and retrieving overboard sailors from the sea. As a major port city, Osaka also employs firefighting ships which demonstrated their abilities by mixing colored dye with the jets of water they deploy.

Some places (such as Yokohama) have performances of traditional fire brigades who show off their acrobatic stunts with bamboo ladders.

Historically, fires have been a manor threat to Japanese society. In the Edo-era huge populations crowded into cities of densely built and very flammable architecture.



Kansai Festival Map; 300+ events

As a continuing project, I am working on a map of festivals in the Kansai area (and sometimes beyond) to display recurring events, organize them visually by the time frame they occur and provide links for the official websites and photo previews of the event, in some cases.

Currently this site represents over 300 events but please keep in mind that schedules may be subject to change and some events may cease to exist, so be sure to check with the official website of the event you are interested in.